Tanya & Jonathan tie the knot at the Scranton Cultural Center – Dolci Momenti Photography

Such a fun and sweet couple!  I was such a pleasure of getting to know Tanya and Jonathan.  They share such an amazing connection.  Tanya’s laugh is contagious.  As you will see in her photos, her love and laughter really make a room sparkle! Jon sweetness just makes them even a more adorable couple.  Now it rained all day, but we didn’t let that stop us from having fun! From capturing photos at their favorite pizza place to smashing cake into each others face or being WWE Tag team champions, this was definitely a fun wedding to capture.  I hope you enjoy a small glimpse of their day! It was truly a blessing to been chosen to photograph and get to know them!  I can’t wait to get the call that baby K is on the way!

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