Santa Sessions in NEPA – Scranton, PA Children’s portrait photographer – Dolci Momenti Photography

Every year we capture the magic of the holiday season at Dolci Momenti Photography.  When I first started my journey as a photographer I wanted to bring something different to NEPA.  I had taken my kids to see Santa and it was the same ol thing.  Same backdrops,props, ect.  I wanted to bring something different to my studio if I offered them to my clients, something magical.  Something no one else was doing.  I then began to brainstorm on how I could do this.

Then it hit me!  They needed to be interactive.  They needed to be special.  As you can see below, that is exactly what I have captured over the years and well…..they just keep getting better.  Thank you to everyone who continues to book with me even thought the inspiration has passed on to many other local photographers.  I value your business always and promise to always do my best to capture that magic! xo  Enjoy!

2016-10-18_0001 2016-10-18_0002 2016-10-18_0003 2016-10-18_0004 2016-10-18_0005 2016-10-18_0006



I’m Crystal. Proud mother of five, follower of Jesus, baby addict and artist behind Dolci Momenti Photography.