Mini sessions are the perfect way for those who may want to try out custom photography and capture images in a short period of time.  There are many different types of mini sessions.    Custom mini sessions are normally 30 mins long and can be scheduled for milestones.

Then we have limited mini sessions which are done during the holidays and for Mothers Day.  It is always advised to sign up for the newsletter on the website landing page so you wont miss those announcements.

All mini sessions have a $75 creative fee.  Custom mini session digital pricing is different from regular mini sessions.  Please ask before booking if you do not know.   Your session fee is non-refundable  for regular mini sessions.  If you have a last minute cancellation, and no reschedule dates work with you, the session fee remains non refundable and non transferable to a later date due to loss of work on behalf of the photographer.   Crystal schedules at block times for these and it is very hard to reschedule if its a last minute cancellation.    

Clients are subject to late fees if late for your session and possible reschedule with a rebooking fee.

Digital download for all custom mini sessions for milestone sessions is $350
Digital download for limited mini sessions can range from $150-$200 depending on session.


I’m Crystal. Proud mother of five, follower of Jesus, baby addict and artist behind Dolci Momenti Photography.

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  • Hello, I’m a bit early with this, but I was wondering about your fees for 6 month old sessions and Christmas sessions, thank you! Love your photos, they’re amazing!

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