3-6-9-12 MONTHS of age are full of smiles, tongues, expressions and frosted toes. This is the best time to capture the next milestone when they are sitting on their own and fully engaged with everything you are doing! If your baby is not yet sitting on their own by this age, it is best to wait another month or two until they are ready. We want to make sure we capture this milestone.

Celebrate your baby’s birthday in style! Dolci Momenti Photography wants to commemorate your baby’s first year while emphasizing the lasts days of their babyhood! We suggest bringing an extra outfit for studio time, and perhaps for an updated family photo as well as a diaper cover or outfit for smash cake time. Shoes are not really required, we love to eat little piggies! Smash cakes can be simple or it can be themed. Consultations are suggested for theme sessions and wardrobe planning. Cake smash sessions can also be taken outdoors.



I’m Crystal. Proud mother of five, follower of Jesus, baby addict and artist behind Dolci Momenti Photography.