Jenna S.

There is absolutely no one else I would trust to capture my “dolci momenti”. I recently finished my fifth session with Crystal and have already scheduled my sixth. I learned a lesson in the department of “you get what you pay for” with my wedding pictures. In trying to save money where I could I went with a bargain photographer based on WHAT you get with the package, instead of taking into account WHO you get with the package. Big mistake. I ended up with boring, posed photos with absolutely no creativity or imagination.

This is certainly not what you get when you book with Dolci Momenti. With Crystal, you get a photographer who instantly feels like a friend. She is just as excited about capturing your special occasion as you are. She can’t wait to hear your ideas, offer advice and take the extra steps to make your session exceptional. During your shoot she makes you feel truly at ease in front of the camera, which ultimately leads to beautiful and genuine images. Because of her extensive training (both as a newborn photographer, and mom of five herself), I had absolutely no problem trusting her with my brand new babies. She handled them with such great care that I almost wanted her to come home with us! Once you are finished, she works tirelessly at editing those images to give them that extra little something that sets her work apart from any others I have seen. The finished product you receive is a treasure to be cherished for a lifetime!

I cannot stress enough how much I value the pictures that fill my home, thanks to the gift of her talent. I look forward to Crystal capturing all of the “dolci momenti” in my family for years to come!

Jenna S.


I’m Crystal. Proud mother of five, follower of Jesus, baby addict and artist behind Dolci Momenti Photography.

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